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Weapons Control Systems

A good physical security solution protects assets, employees, and customers while giving everyone peace of mind and acting as a crime deterrent.

Our Weapons Control Systems will help you protect your customers and employees from armed robberies by preventing unauthorized entry by perpetrators with firearms and discourage robberies.


  • Superior Quality
  • ADA and Fire code compliant
  • 1200 ft-lb magnetic locks
  • Concealed heavy-duty door closers
  • Support for up to Level III ballistic panels
  • Tri-color touchscreen control console
  • On-screen diagnostics
  • Powder coat finish with many color option
  • Balance of security and throughput
  • Modular and custom designs 


  • Reduced physical threat
  • Less Expensive than alternative solutions
  • Eliminates contact with perpetrator(s)
  • Attractive architectural design
  • Insurance cost savings
  • Safe, Reliable and User Friendly
  • Precision crafted
  • Avoids trauma to customers and employees caused by armed robbery.

For more detailed information please see our brochure:

Advent Security Portal Brochure

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