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Cash Automation

Branch efficiency is more important than ever.  Implementing an end-to-end cash automation program is a key component that allows your staff to better serve customers while improving your efficiency and accuracy.

The Benefits of End-to-End Cash Automation

Automating cash processes using cash deposit and recycling solutions, provides financial institutions with many benefits.  These include:

  • Optimized end-to-end cash process
  • Reduced staff involvement in cash handling
  • Better accuracy and control
  • Better security
  • Freeing staff to better serve customers

The Components of End-to-End Cash Automation

Automated cash management cuts the time spent working with cash, reduces the number of cash-related procedures and limits the amount of people required to be involved in cash processes.  The primary components of end-to-end cash automation include:

  • TCRs that automatically count cash as it is accepted by tellers eliminating manual cash counting, uses accepted cash to pay out transactions
  • Currency Discriminators that read bank notes by denomination then count, sort and batch the currency
  • Cash to Core Automation that brings the hardware components together to automatically update your Core.  ash to core automation is a critical component to ensure your cash automation program flows efficiently and accurately.

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