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NCR has announced that it is ending support for Aptra Edge ATM software on December 31, 2023.   

What does discontinuing Edge 10 support mean? 

Your ATMs will still operate but Edge Software will not be supported.  This means that there will be no additional security or operational patches released.  NCR will no longer provide technical support. Networks will discontinue support of Edge software. 

What is the replacement software?                                                                                  NCR ACTIVATE ENTERPRISE

NCR Activate Enterprise is a robust ATM software solution.  It replaces Edge 10 and all previous versions of NCR’s Aptra software. Activate Enterprise also adds support for several new features like contactless transactions.  

How can Advent help?  

Advent can guide you through the process from start to finish.  NCR (and all other ATM companies) has changed the licensing program from a one-time purchase to a subscription service.  This means you pay an annual fee that includes licensing and software support.  

What is the next step?  

We will help implement an action plan and installation schedule to upgrade your ATMs to keep you current with network requirements.  

For more detailed information about Advent and our products and services please contact your Advent representative, visit us online at www.advent-inc.com, or call at (301) 725-0737.  

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