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Teller Cash Automation

Teller Currency Recyclers will provide more accurate transactions, increase teller line productivity and improve your customer's experience.

Currency Recycling

The MoniSafe 500 teller cash recycler is a powerful solution in the transformation of the retail branch channel.  The MoniSafe 500 greatly improves the automation of cash transactions, allowing tellers to provide more customer-centric service and cross selling of your products and services.  Some of the features of the MoniSafe 500 include:

  • Self Auditing.  You can audit the contents of the unit without removing cash from the unit.  This eliminates the security concerns that come with removing the cash and re-entering it into the unit as well as the need for dual control of the loose cash.
  • External Transit Cassete - Cash can be directly loaded from and unloaded to an external transit cassette.  This decreases manusl cash handling, risk, fraud and dual control costs.
  • Speed and continuoud feed - the Monisafe 500 is extremely fast.  Both input and output rate is 12 notes per second.  Continuous feed capability allows bulk deposit processing wioth no note limit.
  • Onboard 7" touch LCD screen with user-friendly interface

The Automated Branch Vault

You can reduce costs while increasing productivity by automating your vault cash activities.  Currency recyclers can automate:

  • Vault cash buys and sells
  • Commercial cash deposits
  • Commercial cash withdrawals
  • End of day teller drawer settlement

Plus it eleminates the need for dual control during cash vault functions. 

Literature describing Nautilus Hyosung Currency:

MoniSafe 500 brochure

Additional Information

DynaCash brochure

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