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We provide the tools to accurately manage your currency.  Our products provide accuracy, speed, and durability at affordable prices.


Our Products Include:


Currency Counters


The Semacon family of Currency Counters provides fast and accurate counting with optional counterfeit detection, dust control system, and external display.  The units are available in both standard duty and heavy duty models.

Currency Discriminators


Semacon Currency Discrimination Counters allow operators to be more efficient and cost-effective.  They spend less time counting and more time helping customers.

No presorting is necessary. Simply choose your settings, place the bills in the hopper, and go. The Semacon S-2500 counts the bills you want to count, and automatically diverts the others to the large 100 note capacity pocket. Everything is performed quickly and accurately with no need to stop midway through the process.

Coin Counters/Sorters

The Semacon S-100 Series heavy duty Coin Counters/Sorters provide high speed and accuracy in a durable, compact design.  The models feature an offsort function to count and optionally bag or package the largest coin and separate the smaller coins into a second bag or tray.  The S-120 is  portable in design for easy transport to multiple locations or string when not in use.

Mixed Coin Counters

The Semacon S-530 can sort and count all five U.S. coin denominations simultaneously and provides value counting displays for each denomination and the total of all denominations. The machine can also optionally display accumulated totals for multiple sorts.

Literature about Currency Handling Equipment (.pdf)

Currency Counters

Semacon S-1200 Heavy Duty Currency Counters

Semacon S-1600 Bank Grade Currency Counters

Semacon S-1600V Bank Grade Currency Counters

Currency Discriminators

Semacon S-2200 Single Pocket Currency Discriminator

Semacon S-2500 Dual Pocket Currency Discriminator

Coin Counter/Sorters

Semacon S-100 Heavy Duty Coin Counters/Sorters

Mixed Coin Counter/Sorter

Semacon S-530 Heavy Duty CoinCounters/Sorter

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